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Barefoot Tankwa Camino Walk: Help me follow in His footsteps

After reading about the Tankwa Camino walk, I immediately knew I wanted to do it. As soon as registration for the next walk opened, I booked and paid within five minutes. More on this specific walk a bit later… I'd like to appeal to you to support me and help us protect the children of our country. 

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So, a ‘crazy’ idea popped into my head by the end of 2015: Why don’t I do this walk barefoot? I then remembered an insert in the GO-magazine of July 2015 about someone – just as ordinary as me – who took on 175 km in the Drakensberg without shoes. Just then, I dismissed my idea as ‘crazy’ and considered it as ‘more than possible’ instead!

Then, on 16 January 2016, my upcoming excursion gained an added twist... A news report was published in the daily Afrikaans paper Beeld about an 8-year old boy who hanged himself because he didn’t have school clothes. Yes, it’s something we read and realise how bad it is. But yet, after a while, we tend to forget about it again. This report, however, stuck with me. I thought to myself, "How can we allow something like this to happen?" Especially for a reason such as not being able to go to school in a uniform. I couldn’t imagine what went through the little boy’s mind when I recall that my worst concern as an 8-year-old was probably about some toy, or a friend who was nasty to me. It bothered me to think there are children in our communities who are so passionate about going to school, but can’t afford the things most of us take for granted. It broke my heart.

Since coming across this sad piece of news, the Lord laid it more and more in my heart to do the Tankwa Camino walk not only barefoot, but also to raise funds for children who don’t have school shoes and uniforms. It wasn’t necessarily an easy decision to make and I pondered for three months whether I should commit to it or not…

…My biggest obstacle in deciding whether to walk barefoot or not, was (and still is), the inner voice of doubt asking: "What exactly are your intentions with the walk? Do you want to do it to glorify yourself?” Eventually, I started realising that if every time I wanted to do a good deed and worry about my intentions, I will never do any good at all! And in this internal strife, the Lord also reminds me of Exodus 4:2 that reads, “And the Lord said to him: ‘What do you have in your hand?’ ‘A rod,’ Moses said.” This rod accompanied Moses everywhere – from his journey to see the pharaoh, to leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

This verse is a good example of using what you have in front of you, at your disposal.  So what I have in my hand is clearly not a rod, but the Lord gave me something else: two able feet. I just need to put them to good use! Not on the dancefloor, though! Just ask my wife who had to tap me on my shoulder so I could keep the rhythm of the first dance song on our wedding day. Anyway, an opportunity to make a difference has been revealed to me and, in just realising this, it’s a step in the right direction to really use what’s in my hand – or rather, beneath my feet. I couldn’t have asked for a clearer message from Above. A loud voice from heaven perhaps, but God’s guidance has already been presented to me through His Word. See, the Lord made me aware of a need and gave me the Tankwa Camino walk as the single opportunity I have to truly make a difference in someone’s experience of his or her own journey.

After I made the big ‘let’s-go-barefoot’ decision, it was time to put things in motion. The first thing on my to-do list was to contact Tankwa Camino’s management for their approval. Thankfully, it was an easy one! In fact, the team is still 100% supportive of my so-called ‘barefoot mission’. And next up was contacting Alfred Thorpe who has done the barefoot walk in the Drakensberg for some advice and a pep talk.

Then, I had to find an organisation to do the walk in collaboration with. In my search, I found a website that provides brief descriptions of several charities – amongst which the Christian Social Council (CSC) is listed. The incredible work they do for their children immediately caught my eye, so I got in touch with Anja le Cornu from the CSC to meet up and chat about my ‘crazy-but-more-than-possible’ idea! From what Anja told me about the organisation, I realised just how great the need among children and families in our immediate surroundings are. And unfortunately, this need extends beyond the physical one for food and clothing. These disadvantaged people’s need includes healing from physical and emotional abuse. To help them out, click here.

Where I’m now in the process – about to prepare for the Tankwa Camino walk – is where I’m sitting, writing this. I'm also slowly but surely acquiring all my equipment for the walk, of which a tent is probably the next big item I’ll buy. To get my general fitness up to standard, I aim to run three times a week in my lunch break for 25 minutes. And then, to specifically prepare my feet, I regularly run some of the races here in Pretoria barefoot.  I’m determined to prepare myself as best possible so I my chance of finishing the walk is pretty much guaranteed!

When I tell people about my plan to walk the Tankwa Camino barefoot, they ask for what reason and suggest a ton of other ways in which I can help out.And it’s true. There are many, many other ways, but honestly, we don’t always put in the effort to explore and exploit all these other ways. This walk I’m about to do won’t necessarily make a huge difference, but it’s about contributing to the ongoing journey that life is, by giving hope. To really make a difference, each of us must seize the smallest of opportunities that are brought onto our paths each day.

In addition to the funds raised for CSC to continue the Lord’s work, I hope to make others aware of the need that exists in our immediate surroundings every day – but we all have something helpful in our hands. Yes, any of us can use this ability to make a difference at any time. Find out more here - isn’t it wonderful!?

Now a little more about the exciting Tankwa Camino walk! It was started by Danie and Rhina Pieterse with the purpose of introducing people to the wonderful, underrated parts of our country. The route begins at the large red postbox in Calvinia and ends 256 km further in Ceres, all along the R355 road between the two towns. It’s completed in 10 days, with each day's hike ranging from a minimum of 15 km to a maximum of 31.4 km. During the walk, facilities are limited and the daily bathing session must be done from a dish. There are no shops along way, except for the Tankwa Road Stall. Hikers’ equipment and food are transported for them between overnight points and dinners are provided, but every hiker carries a day pack and take care of their own breakfasts and lunches.

If you want to make a difference by supporting the CSC, you’re welcome to sponsor me per kilometre OR per day of Tankwa Camino that I walk barefoot. Just click here! Or contact Johan van Zyl on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +27714935110 for more information about how you can assist.

Option 1 – Sponsor per km

Option 2 – Sponsor per day

Amount per km


Amount per day







R2 560


R2 560


R25 600

R2 560

R25 600


R256 000

R25 600

R256 000

Hardlopende voete sorg vir helende hande by Derdepoort


GROOTfm 90.5 en ons COSMO-vriende het op Hemelvaartsdag 'n stukkie kleurvolle hemel op aarde geskep by die Derdepoort Ontwikkelingsentrum.

Die fondse van verlede jaar se COSMO Run is ingeploeg, ingekleur en ingespeel deur die COSMO personeel wie als behalwe 'n langarm tjekkie kom aflaai het… Veertig kleuters tussen 3 en 6 jaar oud is bederf met ‘n heerlike kuier! Direkteure, regsadviseurs, krediteure en bemarkers het vir ‘n dag in 'n ander pos gestaan as verwer, swaaier, broodjie-smeerder, voetewasser, onderwyser, oppasser, stoei-oom, troos-tannie en speeltannie (en ons glo dit gee sommer weer nuwe betekenis en diepte aan iemand se 'Maandag-tot-Vrydag werk'!)

Die kleuters het die vrolikheid van die dag geniet en waardeer: van die ontbyt en die springkasteel, fliek en popcorn tot die worsbroodjies en geskenkies. Veral die uitreik na die juffrouens met die voet- en handbehandelings het hulle ‘n welverdiende blaaskans gegee, terwyl die COSMO-personeel die kleuters vermaak het.


Verder is ons só dankbaar dat daar nie soos in die verlede vir die skool 'n blik verf afgelaai het met 'n "Sterkte!” boodskap nie... Die pophuis, byvoorbeeld, is reeds lank gelede geskenk, maar met skroewe en splinters wat kop uitsteek kon die kinders ongelukkig nie veilig speel nie. Nee jong, hierdie keer is alles meer as deeglik en behoorlik afgerond: die stoep voor die klaskamers blink met vars verf en die kantmure is vrolik opgehelder met kinderprentjies. COSMO was vir die Sentrum ‘n verdere seëning met dié dat ‘n splinternuwe vrieskas ook aan die skool geskenk is! 

Ons sê graag aan Pierre en sy personeel DUISEND DANKIES vir elke detail, groot en klein!  Dankie vir die hoe en nie slegs die wat nie. Ook BAIE DANKIE aan die CMR se maatskaplikewerker, Tannie Joey, vir dit wat sy elke dag vir hierdie kosbare kleuters doen!

Hierdie spesiale geleentheid om te gesels en spesiale bederf-geskenke uit te deel gaan nog lank na die kinders se suiker uitgewerk is, vrug lewer in die skooltjie en die betrokkenes se lewens...



GROOTfm 90.5 is super trots om saam met COSMO te werk aan die 2016 COSMO Run op Saterdag 28 Mei by die PTA Botaniese Tuine ten bate van GROOTfm se ‪#‎HOOPstoot projek. Die treffende slagspreuk van die COSMO Run is:  "Get up! Make a choice! Set the tone!"

Dis tyd om te laat waai! 

Praatjie-oggend by Pro Arte

CMR Noord se Sandra het onlangs ‘n praatjie gaan aanbied by Pro Arte Skool (Pretoria), waartydens vierhonderd kinders ingelig is oor tienerswangerskap. ‘n Donasie van R600 is aan die organisasie gegee - ons sê vir hulle DANKIE vir hul tyd en skenking van HOOP!

Die Osies se CMR-spaarblikkies samel HOOP in!

Die CMR-span het verlede week Laerskool Pretoria-Oos besoek in die aanloop tot die opkomende Kinderbeskermingsweek wat einde Mei plaasvind.  

Elke skoolkind het ‘n plastiek spaarblikkie in die vorm van ‘n skoen ontvang vir een spesifieke – en baie spesiale – rede: Ons vier hierdie jaar ons 80e bestaansjaar met die tema “Stap in ’n (minder bevoorregte) kind se skoene!”  

Ons poog om fondse met dié spaarblikkies spesifiek vir die “Red-‘n-Kind Projek” wat op KINDERBESKERMING fokus, in te samel. Hierdie inisiatief is hoofsaaklik gerig op die beveiliging van getraumatiseerde kinders. ‘n Informatiewe blaadjie met belangrike inligting oor die onderwerp is ook saamgestuur vir die Osie-ouers om na te loer.

Indien elke Osie minstens R50 insamel (met al die blikkies wat hulle in Pretoria gaan versprei) kan ‘n totaal van een honderd medekinders uit die klouevan mishandeling, armoede, verwaarlosing en/of seksuele misbruik gered word. Nadat die projek afgehandel is, kan hulle boonop die spaarblikkies hou en herinner word dat hulle ander maatjies wat swaarkry, gehelp het.

En só maak ons saam-saam ander kinders wie nie sulke “nuwe skoene” het om in te loop nie, se hartjies bitter bly!

Vir meer inligting oor die Red-‘n-Kind Projek, kontak gerus vir Anja Le Cornu per e-pos by  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OF besoek CMR Noord se webwerf by

Wanneer pleegsorg vir familie-vermaak óók sorg!

Onder leiding van een van CMR Noord se maatskaplike werkers, het ‘n groep van sewe pleegmoeders destyds bymekaargekom en die Pleegouer Aksiegroep gevorm. Pleegsorg lê hierdie dames natuurlik besonders na aan die hart, en hulle het vinnig koppe bymekaargesit om idees te kry vir ‘n twee-in-een byeenkoms wat familietyd en fondsinsameling kombineer: ‘n buitelug fliekaand! Die film “The Good Dinosaur” sorg vir ‘n aand van vermaak vir die hele gesin...

...Nie eens die broodnodige reën kon ‘n demper op die verrigtinge plaas nie, en 205 mense het op Saterdag 12 Maart saamgespan by Laerskool Kameelfontein. Komberse is oor die vloer gestrooi, stoele is uitgesit en die trosende reuk van koffie en springmielies het die koel aandluggie verwelkom. Die geluid van kinderstemme en laguitbarstings het daarvan getuig dat dié aand vir hope plesier gesorg het!

Die Pleegouer Aksiegroep en CMR Noord is dankbaar vir elkeen wat die moeite gedoen het om deel te wees van ‘n onvergeetlike geleentheid – sonder julle sou hierdie aand an ontspanning nie ‘n sukses gewees het nie! Deur kaartjieverkope, eet- en drinkgoedverkope en donasies, is ‘n indrukwekkende aantal fondse ingesamel, en hierdie geld word aangewend vir die behoeftes van pleegkinders wie se pleegouers nie daarin kan voorsien nie.

Indien jy sou belangstel om meer oor pleegsorg uit te vind skakel vir Minka Landman by  012 333 0421 OF This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Vir donasies, kontak Anja Le Cornu by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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