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Donate Non-money Items

Take clothes, food and toys to your nearest Centre of Hope. To see the different centres click on the “Centres of Hope” tab. Or alternatively leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you.

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Volunteer Your Time

Become a volunteer at any of the Centres during school holiday’s and give hope to a community! Contact the centre closest to you to find out how you could be of assistance.

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Or alternatively leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you.

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Form a Prayer Group

CMR needs the prayers of the nation. Form a prayer group today, pray for the families & staff at CMR and make a great difference in someone’s life.

Or alternatively join an existing group, click on the link below to leave us a message and we will get back to you.

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“Donate” your Birthday

Ask your friends and family to rather donate a “gift” to an underprivileged child than give you a birthday gift. Wishlists are available.

Or alternatively contact your nearest centre.

Want to save on tax? Donate to charity…

Staff Writer – 17 March 2018

Donations made by individuals to certain public benefit organisations can result in the individual reducing his/her tax liability upon submission of their annual tax return, says Daniel Baines, author of ‘How to Get a SARS Refund’.

This potential reduction in liability is dependent on the donation being made to a SARS approved section 18A public benefit organisation.

There is a list of all approved organisations on the SARS website; an example of an approved public benefit organisation is the Save-a-Pet.

You can check with your charity of choice whether they can issue such a certificate prior to making the donation.

Upon donating to such an entity, the entity should issue the individual with a section 18A certificate; this certificate is important as it must be submitted to SARS with the individual’s annual tax return.

The following is an example of the reduction in tax liability that an individual may receive upon making a donation to an approved organisation:

  • Example A – no donation made
    • Taxable income – R400,000
    • Tax liability – R93,039
  • Example B – donation made
    • Taxable income – R400,000
    • Less donation – R30,000 (donation cannot be more than 10% of taxable income)
    • New taxable income – R370,000
    • Tax liability – R83,739

In this example the individual has a double benefit:
1. They have donated R30,000 to a charity;
2. They have reduced their tax liability by R9,300. This will be paid out as a refund by SARS upon submission of the individual’s tax return, provided the individual can produce a section 18A certificate (please note the payment of a refund will depend on each person’s overall tax situation, but the taxpayer will always receive a reduction in tax liability).

“Donating to a charity of your choice has great benefits, both in terms of the reduction in tax liability as well as the contribution made to society. When donating to an approved public benefit organisation, it is important to request the section 18A certificate, as SARS will deny the donation deduction if this can’t be produced upon assessment,” Baines said.

“Also remember that the higher your marginal rate of taxation the more the donation will reduce your tax liability. In this regard see ‘The more you earn, the greater your retirement tax benefit’,” he said.