The worst of our social ills is the abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse of innocent children.

Our ‘Save-a-Child’ project assists in the healing process of these children – one child at a time.

Our ‘Save-a-Child’ Project

The main motivation of this project is the innocence of these chidlren – they have done nothing wrong. And yet there are people (predators) in society who abuse, neglect and sexually abuse them. Dealing with cases of abuse on a daily basis was not a situation that CMR North prepared to tolerate any longer and in 2000 the ‘Save-a-Child’ project was launched to ensure that enough resources could be allocated to address the issue of abuse.

The GOAL/aim of the Save-A-Child Project is to promote the best interest of high risk children and to support their development to realise their full potential. Child abuse and- neglect, and especially sexual abuse of children, have been increasing at an alarming rate over the last decade.