Storie Baby R and Mum

When the case of Baby R was reported to the CMR, we were almost certain that Baby R, 3 months old, should be removed from the care of her mother. The family was reported to our office by the SAPS, as well as, the presiding officer from the children’s court. The biological mother and child were living in a motor vehicle for more than a month, during December and January, the warmest months of the year. Baby R was “bathed” in the car. The mother used a bottle of water and a face cloth to bath her baby.

He was shy and unsure of himself and found it very difficult to make friends.

The mother is a rehabilitated drug addict and diagnosed with AIDS. Baby R was born out of wedlock. Mother and Baby left the home where they stayed with the father after incidents of violence. The father is HIV positive and miraculously Baby R tested negative.

It appeared that James was physically and emotionally neglected in the care of his mother. He was exposed to family violence and sought protection from his 12-year-old sister.

The mother came for several counselling sessions. She was supported to find a place to stay for herself and Baby R. She has started working and Baby R is at day care. The mother was helped to recognize her potential and encouraged to get her life on track again. Baby R and Mom are doing well.