Storie James

James (7 years) was one of the children that were removed from the care of his mother. He was referred to the CMR Pretoria North by a psychiatrist. There was great concern about James. He was struggling with encopresis and enuresis, anxiety attacks and emotional outbursts. His father abandoned him when he was a baby. James was placed in a safe house.

He was shy and unsure of himself and found it very difficult to make friends.

Assessments followed, and James was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for observation and treatment. The social worker accompanied James to the hospital for monthly follow up appointments with the psychiatrist. This was a very challenging outing! James regularly soiled himself and then needed a wash and change of clothes.

It appeared that James was physically and emotionally neglected in the care of his mother. He was exposed to family violence and sought protection from his 12-year-old sister.

James was ashamed of not being able to use the toilet and endured the mockery of the children.

He has learnt to ride a bicycle and to swim and now enjoys playing with friends. At the age of 9 he attended school for the first time. He will not return to the care of his mother. His mom and sister visit him twice a month. He enjoys the controlled and safe visits with them.

James is doing well, he benefits from the safe and secure environment. We are looking forward to seeing James’ real potential!!!